winger modifications?
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Thread: winger modifications?

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    Default winger modifications?

    I have been looking for used wingers - but the shipping cost to AK will kill me (as much as the winger)...Is there any way at all of modifying the legs on the winger (ie, cut them) and have them re-welded when I receive them that won't runi the integrity of the winger itself?

    Or does anyone know if someone will be driving to AK this spring that can bring some up for me?...I live in Tok, which is the only way in the state (when you drive thru Canada)....

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    Cutting and rewelding will probably cost more than you are paying for the wingers, if shipping costs as much as the wingers.

    Good Luck!

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    i think the days end tosser breaks down and can be put into bag about the size of a tent dos not throw the a big bird like other wingers,but in my opinion it throws a more realistic bird.good luck.

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