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Thread: Fair tax

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    It would never work. It would be a disproportionate burden on lower income people.
    Why should that matter. One Vote, One Dollar Tax. Equal effort from all to make the goverment work.

    If you focus on the burden you will have one idea of fairness. If you focus on the individual, each citizen must give an equal amount, you will have another idea of fairness.

    Our current tax system is some amalgamation whether through consumption tax or income tax of that although it is currently fashionable to claim that the rich need to shoulder more of the burden.

    BTW, I am not advocating anything just highlighting the unfairness of taxes in general.

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    [QUOTE=Steve Hester;391128]
    Quote Originally Posted by subroc View Post
    Why is the percentage a more fair system than an equal dollar value?

    Why isnít the tax for an adult in the US just some monetary figure. Each US citizen pays the same amount of money into the system, no exceptions, no deductions?

    It would never work. It would be a disproportionate burden on lower income people.
    It would be fair if you consider the use of services. It does not cost less to provide national defense for someone just because they make less. You pay for what you use and everyone in this country uses our military. You want to use the school system, then pay for using it. Six kids, then you pay per head for each kid. No kids you pay nothing. That is actually fair. It was the person's choice to have 6 kids, and maybe then people who can't afford kids would keep their legs closed.

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    The Fair Tax has been introduced in Congress again and this time is has a significant number of sponsors. There may not be enough of them but the number is growing. This is the "Fair Tax" concept developed by Neal Boortz and Congressman John Linder (R - Georgia).

    The details are at http://linderfairtax.house.gov/


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    I received my W2 today and I ran the numbers through the Fair Tax Calculator and I would have 67% more spendable income with this system.
    With the Fair Tax manufacturers would not have to have a price addition to their products passing on their tax and product prices would be cheaper. Now if I spend my 67% more income plus the remainder I could purchase more and the tax on my consumption (sales tax) is less than what is withheld. Taxes now are 28% plus state taxes with Fair Tax an estimated 20% consumption tax plus state tax an 8% gain.
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