My mom broke her hip -surgery this AM
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Thread: My mom broke her hip -surgery this AM

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    Unhappy My mom broke her hip -surgery this AM

    As many of you know last week the nursing home gave my mom the wrong medication which included a potentially lethal dose of 30mg of Morphine. well bless her heart she attended church services as usual yesterday and fell while attempting to get up out of her wheelchair and broke her hip. After numerous phone calls to family members and my brother's medical geriatric trauma surgeons they have decided to operate this morning ASAP. We dont know if she can endure the surgery at her advanced age of 96, but the other options left us and my mom with only the prospect of continued pain and major complications to follow.

    I am packing the truck and will make the ten hour drive from Vegas to Durango later this morning. I know I need to stay calm and collected for my own safety and to be of some use to my mom upon arrival.....the rest is in God's more than capable hands...

    thanks for all your prayers and wishes from before and during my mom's current ordeal
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    Wishing your mom the very best. They spend all their lives taking care of us, and now its our turn. Good thoughts coming from SC.
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    I am so sorry to hear of your mother's thoughts are with you.
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    Prayers sent.


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    Prayers sent for your mom and a safe trip to Colorado.
    Terrie Tomlinson
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    Prayers for your Mom's speedy recovery and comfort in her days ahead. My grandmother had the same experience at 98, and did very well, living in comfort to 103.

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    Prayers from here that God will guide the hands of the doctors and nurses and that your mom will come through the surgery.

    God bless
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    Prayers from SD!

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    Drive safely, and keep us posted on your momís condition.

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    Bon, drive safely and keep in mind that you have lots of support. We wish her a speedy and full recovery. She must be a strong woman to have gotten this far, I trust that she will be strong enough to pull though this trama. Bud

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