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Thread: Wife got it Done!

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    Default Wife got it Done!

    Well I have been working on FF with our 8 mos old YLM for almost a mos. He was toughest pup I've had in FF-willing to learn/do most anything else but didn't like Hold and hated Fetch-made slow progress- 4 or 5 days ago my wife says "let me try" Bingo- says Fetch he opens mouth and reaches for bumper/ paint roller--throw it on floor ditto-throw it across room- same. yesterday he picked up dummy-sat and held it-then walked across my shop when called -sat- held till I said drop-told my wife she was now in charge-Ha! Fat Chance-
    Guess I'll plow a small patch of pasture today and see what he does on walking fetch etc if temp goes above zero.
    Who can tell when the light will go on??

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    Of course I love this story, being just the wife who tries to help train and take good advice from my husband.

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