The Passing of Black Storm Pull the Cord MH MNH "Tug"
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Thread: The Passing of Black Storm Pull the Cord MH MNH "Tug"

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    Default The Passing of Black Storm Pull the Cord MH MNH "Tug"

    Black Storm Pull the Cord MH MNH , Master National Hall of Fame 9/17/99-1/29/09

    With Great sadness I received a call last night from Warren Price that he he had to put Tug down yesterday after a short medical problem. Tug was a special dog he is the first to carry the Black Storm name after my Storm dog and I started him as a seven week pup. He went to many trainers over his brief life starting with Tom Stasierowski, Chuck Dygos, Bill & Connie Swanson and Rick & Bev Milheim. When I made the decision to discontinue Tug's field trial training career with Chuck he said his marking was not AA caliber, but he could handle Hunt Tests. I had to make the decision to keep or sell him I had another dog that had more potential the decision was made reluctently. When I could not find a buyer for him I let Warren play with him in some hunt tests. Well as the story goes a friendship developed between man and dog that they were inseperable. Warren put a senior hunter title on the dog and I still could not find a buyer ( I didn't try real hard). Over the winter I hunted him and then he got the MH title in the spring down in Florida and I never had the dog in my Kennels again. Warren then qualified for his first Master National down in Georgia and the daily reports from Warren on how they did in each test. When he called up crying ( As I am now) that they had passed his first Master National I knew I found Tug's new home. Warren sent tons of pictures of Tug with his wife in the Hotel and of the two of them on some hay bales. Tug then when on to finish upwards of another 40+ master tests and qualified for four more master nationals finishing two more. Tug ran very few qualifyings I finished him in one but Warren got a RJ in one at Fort Pitt. Warrens favorite treat for Tug was that he gave him a cheeseburger for each test he passed. The dog was soon know as chesseburger, cheburger man also tugaman and several others. Tug lived a life far richer than I could have provided him and I am eternally greatful to have found him a life that he truly loved. My condolences go out to Warren and Joan for they lost true member of their family.
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    I am sorry to hear about Tug, I saw Warren run him in many tests. Warren was very proud of Tug. Tug was a big handsome boy. I am sure Warrens heart breaks along with your own.

    Rest in peace Tug, may all you birds be flyers!

    Earlene Lacy

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    Warren I'm so sorry to hear about Tug. It was always great to see the team work between you and Tug

    Tom DeFusco
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    I am so sorry to hear about the loss of Tug. He sounds like he was a wonderful boy and will be missed by many.


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    My deepest condolences to Warren and Joan. The love shared between them and Tug was so evident.

    Rest in peace, Tug.
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    Sorry to hear about Tugs passing,, You and him made a great team ,,,and he was always enjoyable to watch.


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    GT and have you all in mind. They never live long enough....

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