Hey all, new but I work with animal related legislation for the state AKC federation.

Here is some specific information on Oklahoma HB 1332 by Rep. Lee Denney. This is a sister bill to last year's anti breeding bill HB 3192 which went dormant for lack of a vote by the House Ag Committee.

This year's bell has a different twist. See info below. This is the link to search for the bill. http://webserver1.lsb.state.ok.us/We...atus/main.html

Shelly Kuhn

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HB 1332 the Pet Quality Assurance Act has been assigned to the House Economic Development and Financial Services Committee. It is not listed on the schedule yet.

Now’s the time to let the committee members know your thoughts on this bill. The list of contact information is at the end of the email. When you contact the committee include a few (not all) of the points below. Remember to keep your communication polite and respectful.

Here are some points you can use.

· Includes all animal rescue organizations that utilize foster homes if they accumulate more than 25 animals.
· Stipulates that out of state breeders cannot transport in OK without a state license. Under the provisions this would include out of state breeders that exhibit at dog/cat shows and other dog related events within the state of OK.
· Calls for the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture to develop and implement regulation pertaining to this bill. There is nothing that requires representation from stakeholders or public input.
· The bill will duplicate federal regulations and laws already in place. Would it not be beneficial and fiscally responsible to support the federal agency and help to enforce laws already in place?
· The bill proposes to assess fees and fines as the revenue source to implement and sustain the activities of this law. It calls for a fund specific to the activities of this law which opens the door for donations from individuals and nonprofits. The state will incur the fiscal responsibility to ensure that funds are available. The state’s fundraising methods are to impose higher taxes. With the expected shortfall in state revenue is this the time to impose more tax burden on Oklahoma’s individuals and families?
· Gives any peace officer the authority to enter the premises of an individual or facility. There is nothing that states peace officers will be trained or must be accompanied by trained personnel. This also infringes upon our constitutional rights.
· This bill allows members of law enforcement to enter onto property without cause.
· Penalties include liens against the licensee’s personal property for failure to meet fines.
· Responsible breeders follow ethics guidelines and existing federal laws. The provisions of HB 1332 will encourage substandard breeders to burrow further underground.
· The bill does not list an element for consumer protection. Consumers should be educated and hold a reasonable portion of the responsibility when purchasing pets.
· The provisions regarding warrantless search and seizure by peace officers are clearly unconstitutional, especially with respect to cruelty (criminal) charge as there is already a process in place.

House Economic Development and Financial services.
Daniel Sullivan, Chair- danielsullivan@okhouse.gov
Randy McDaniel, Vice Chair- randy.mcdaniel@okhouse.gov
John Affuet- johnauffet@okhouse.gov
John Carey (D) johncarey@okhouse.gov
George Faught (R) georgefaught@okhouse.gov
Charles Key (R) charles.key@okhouse.gov
Guy Liebmann (R) guyliebmann@okhouse.gov
Skye McNiel (R) skye.mcniel@okhouse.gov
Lewis Moore (R) lewis.moore@okhouse.gov
Danny Morgan (D) dannymorgan@okhouse.gov
Pat Ownbey (R) pat.ownbey@okhouse.gov
Ron Peters (R) ronpeters@okhouse.gov
Mike Shelton (D) mikeshelton@okhouse.gov
Jabar Shumate (D) jabarshumate@okhouse.gov