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Thread: Rehab

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    Default Rehab

    What are the benefits and costs of a rehab facility after tplo?

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    Costs? Expensive. Figure about 100.00 a day, depending on who is doing it; so I guess it varies.
    The benefits would be that the rehab is properly done on an established schedule, where speed is NOT an issue.
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    The benefits are that a program is developed that attends to your dog's particular needs. The veterinarian/therapist in charge of the program measures (goniometry) progress, varies types of activities (ie water treadmill; dry treadmill; balance (pillotes) balls; resistance bands; wobble boards, etc.) to assure that the dog returns to balanced stance, rebuilds atrophied muscles, strengthens musculature supporting repaired joints in a planned, step-by-step methodology that is much like constructing a building from the ground up. This is done on a regular schedule that considers all aspects of the dog's occupation, build, weight, etc.

    It is extremely difficult to properly re-condition after injury so that progress is made in the correct direction without corresponding damage or set-backs to weakened joints/muscles/tendons. Most of the time, you will never notice an altered gait, let alone any sign of a limp after proper rehab.

    The costs can vary from facility to facility, not only in terms of the charges from the rehab center itself, but in terms of the time you must devote if you ferry the dog back and forth vs. residence and length of time for the rehab--some dogs take longer, some take less.

    IMHO if you are going to spend the money to have the surgery done by a competent surgeon, the rehab money is an investment in the future serviceability of the dog and protects your initial investment in the surgical procedure.
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    My blm had CCL surgery last September. The plan was TPLO but surgeon discovered BOTH caudal and cranial cruciate ligaments damaged so had to do a modified extra capsular surgery (fishing line). He stayed in rehab (Vethab/Raleigh) with Dr Sherman until just before Thanksgiving. TPLO recovery is much faster and less painful for the dog, but we had no choice. $100 a day is a good estimate.

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    We did it at home after fish line surgery- tough BUT it worked 100%. After 4 yrs, Gunther(he's 10 now) is still going strong--I'd only use a rehab facility if I was SURE they were into Hunting dogs and were going to do it right--I'm glad we did it ourselves- personal care is good everytime if you have the time and patience-IMHO
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