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Thread: Democrats, I have to ask...

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    Quote Originally Posted by badbullgator View Post
    This is the quote I saw on NBC, per job created, not per person. That said I doubt that 3 million jobs will be created
    My apologies then, Corey. I misunderstood you original statement and thought you were saying the cost was $250k per person rather than $250k per job.

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    Obama spent his entire political career expending all of his energies to do absolutely nothing of substance. His biggest accomplishment was to not make anyone too mad and fly under the radar screen.

    For every important issue that faced Illinois, he was a rail-sitter with no stand on either side of an issue. When he went to the US Senate, his most notable votes on issues of substance were "Present".

    Given his track record, how can anyone even be so bold as to imagine that he will take any kind of a stand against his Party. To Nancy Pelosi, bi-partisan is synonamous with "my way or the highway". Obama isn't about to actually change ANYTHING except the amount of money in your wallet/bank accounts.

    We have systemic problems ingrained into how Goverment spends money. Most every politician--Dems or Repubs--use 99% of their time when they are supposed to be working for the good of their constituents spending our capital to ensure their re-election.

    I ask you this, and I am referring to McCain, Obama, and Clinton, et al....
    If you told your current employer that you wish to stop doing your current job and spend the next 18 months looking for another one--and oh by the way, you must pay me my full salary during this time--what do you think they would say? Yet, that is what every political candidate for the presidency that held a position in government--state or federal or local--did to you, the Taxpayer!
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