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Thread: Stupid Map Question

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    Senior Member Ken Newcomb's Avatar
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    Default Stupid Map Question

    This is going to qualify me as stupid and computer illiterate (I'm hoping for some stimulus money to fix these problems),

    I want to draw a map to our hunt site to be posted on

    How, or where do I go, to draw and save a map??
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    Senior Member Lady Duck Hunter's Avatar
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    half way between Cat Springs and Raccoon Bend - Texas


    Can you just use Yahoo Maps?
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    Senior Member Ron in Portland's Avatar
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    Portland, Oregon


    I like Google Maps for that. Just look up your site, size it appropriately, and then do a screen print.

    if you PM me the address, I'll e-mail you back a sample.

    Ron Rhodes
    A Lab has no appreciation for the artistic value of a bonsai tree, but does appreciate their potential as chew toys.

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    Senior Member Mike Tome's Avatar
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    Google Maps will let you find a route to a destination, then modify it if you like. You can send a link to your map by email or print it out.
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