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Thread: Iliopsoas Muscle Pull

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    Post Iliopsoas Muscle Pull

    I'm pulling this out of Keith Farmers Tightrope proceedure thread as I think it's a good topic for performance dogs.

    I was very relieved that my girl had an Iliopsoas (groin for ease of explanation) muscle pull rather than ortho issues or a cruciate injury. But, it is a frustrating injury. For those that have had a dog with this, what are you doing for rehab? Did you notice things got worse before they got better?

    I am attaching a link to an article for those that don't know what it is. It can present like a cruciate, so if you think that your dog may have a problem, ask your vet to check it out. You need to get him or her to do some deep pressure to find it.

    My girl Bree is on a tracking harness to walk. No off lead, no body slamming with her buddies. Crate rest is contra indicated as it forces the muscle to tighten up. (interesting as her weeks of crate rest didn't from personal experience, it's true).

    We are learning to track to force her to use both legs simultaneously, walking through a ladder, again to force her to use the leg. Passive range of motion, massage and stretching while she is laying down on her side. Moderate stretching exercises including learning how to crawl forward and backward (while on a down) and learning to inch up and back while sitting. If I was closer to my sports med vet she would be getting some laser therapy. Nothing else at this point, for 2 or 3 more weeks. No anti-inflammatories as the inflammatory process is warranted.

    It's been killing me as this is my first Senior dog and I was hyped to run her this spring...but she'll recover quicker from this than a cruciate. And she's only 2 so we have loads of time.

    I hope this thread helps someone else...and for those of you that have experienced this...fill us in..

    Sue Puff
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    I have a dog that just recovered from an iliopsoas strain. He started being lame at the end of October and was sound around the middle or so of January. I'm lucky enough to live near a great canine PT ( who worked on him several times and gave me a plan for getting him better. I did a lot of stretching, made him walk on his back legs while I held the front ones up (sort of like dancing with him), had him stand while I lifted the opposite front and rear legs for a few seconds at a time (so he was standing on just 2 legs and had to use his abdominal/groin muscles to hold himself up), walked him up and down steep hills. After a few weeks he was able to go in the yard by himself for 10 mins at a time to do what he wanted, including race around. When we got snow right before Christmas I was to let him out to run around in the snow because it made him work his back end. I've also now taught him to "sit up and beg" which works the abdominal muscles and I'm starting to do work with him on a fitness ball which should really do a lot to strengthen his muscles.

    I too tried crate rest at first and discovered that it did more harm than good. I ended up gating my dog in to a small room instead of crating him. I also got lots of cheap rubber backed area rugs for my house so that he couldn't slip on the wood laminate floors (which he did a lot since he does everything as fast as he can).

    It's a tough muscle to get them to rehab from because they can easily compensate with other muscles. When this dog was diagnosed it was interesting that his hamstring on the side where he had the iliopsoas strain was pretty atrophied while the other side was very muscled.

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    Bummer.......bummer....bummer... Hang in there, with careful rehab she will be back in training in no time flat and won't miss a beat!

    Good info on the iliopsoas strain..thanks for passing it along. I haven't dealt with this kind of injury...have had to rehab my boy with a deep muscle injury...not fun. Keep us posted on how she is coming along!

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