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Thread: PETA Ad Campaigns

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    Default PETA Ad Campaigns

    Here is a link to the latest PETA video ad campaigns. It includes the one Shayne posted up about AKC aka KKK.


    We really need to band together and support both AKC and some other organization that will help us fight. We also need to locally come together to fight individual attacks on state and local fronts.
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    lisa van loo posted this in Shayne's original post. If this is the organization to support, dog clubs/dog people should make $$ contributions. Would be great if would allow us to contribute a $1 or whatever when we enter our dogs.

    Lisa's post: NAIA (National Animal Interest Alliance) is the national organization that is battling AR legislative attacks head-on. They speak for all animal interests: dog breeders, farmers, hunters, rodeos, circuses, medical researchers...

    Here is a link to NAIA's website:
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    Here is a great link busting a bunch of dumb azz hollywood hypocrytes getting called out
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