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Thread: Yo..Chris Matthews...

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    Default Yo..Chris Matthews...

    and the other sycophantic Obamaites, that try to make their viewers believe they are nuetral. What say you on these items?

    (I know, I know...that opening was ludicrous and self-serving. But I'm sure some of his toady viewers and Olberdork followers will answer for them)

    By Neal Boortz @ February 18, 2009 8:53 AM

    • The Dow at a 10-year low.
    • A tax cheat running the IRS
    • Another tax cheat as the Chief of Staff
    • A trillion-dollar plus federal deficit
    • Over one-half of voters relieved of any federal tax liability
    • Government mandated limits on executive compensation
    • Three failed attempts and still no Commerce Secretary
    • Tom Daschle rides his free limo into the sunset - after paying taxes he evaded.
    • The White House performance czar turns out to be a tax cheat also
    • Lobbyists hired to work for the Obama Administration
    • The census gets politicized
    • Double government spending in one year
    • The word "freedom" fades into obscurity
    • Increasing home loan mortgage rates across the board
    • Millions of Americans made dependent on government
    • Moving unionization-by-intimidation forward
    • Welfare checks become "tax cuts."
    • Illegal aliens free to work on taxpayer-funded "stimulus" projects
    • Welfare reform reversed, states ordered to increase welfare roles
    • Move to silence critical talk radio shows
    • Selling Senate seats
    • Obama books in religious sections of book stores
    • More government workers, not private sector jobs
    • A government bureaucracy to intrude on doctor/patient relationships
    • Stage set for medical services rationing
    • Annual welfare checks for middle income families

    Still think we'll survive another 3+ years of this? I'm starting to think the Mayans and Nostrodamus might be correct in their prognostications.

    When the one you love becomes a memory, that memory becomes a treasure.

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