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Thread: Comedy Central - Jon Stewart

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    Default Comedy Central - Jon Stewart

    I whole month after the coronation!!!

    Last night as my wife was flicking channels she happened to hit Jon Stewart doing a segment on our POTUS called "Clusterf#%k at the Poor House". Entertaining to say the least - maybe someone with some computer skills can pull the segment & post here. Are his supporters developing buyers remorse? Stewart was one of those.

    Just 47 months to go - the comedians are already having a heyday with this wealth of material. & you lefties thought GW was bad.

    Marvin S

    Everyone's friend is No One's friend

    Someday your life will flash before your eyes. It's your responsibility to make sure it's worth watching!

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    The great thing about Stewart is that even though he leans to the left, nobody is sacred. He'll tee off on the Dems just as much as the Republicans. Very funny (and sometimes insightful) guy.
    Matt McKenzie

    "Thinking is the hardest work there is, which is probably the reason why so few engage in it." Henry Ford

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