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Thread: Jindall Understands

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    Senior Member Jerry's Avatar
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    Default Jindall Understands

    Refusing the "stimulus"!!!

    To paraphrase, "It will increase the Unemployment benefits until it expires. Then the State will be on the hook to continue those higher payments"

    "Where The Hell Is Bedias, TX?"

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    Senior Member Raymond Little's Avatar
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    Yes Jerry I am finally proud of "My Guvnor" here in Louisiana but "He is a Racist" for opposing da "STIMLUS". Read, Rep Clyburn D-SC says anyone
    opposing da Stimlus is just keeping their foot on the neck of the blackman.
    What would you expect coming from a Southern Pork Producer???????

    MYRTLE BEACH South Carolina Rep. James Clyburn has earmarked millions of taxpayer dollars this decade for projects that could directly benefit his friends and family members, a newspaper reported Sunday.
    The Sun News of Myrtle Beach found that Clyburn has set aside at least $6.2 million for such projects.
    That includes money for two projects his nephew was to help design, a community center that runs a program employing his sister-in-law and a Columbia wellness center that employs his daughter.
    Clyburn is the House majority whip. He was the sole sponsor for 32 earmarks totaling $38.8 million in the current budget.
    In contrast, all of South Carolina's other lawmakers combined to sole-sponsor $45.5 million in earmarks in the same budget.
    Clyburn's office did not return calls seeking comment, although he has repeatedly defended the earmark process, telling reporters last year that the special provisions help provide for community needs.
    'I don't see that as wasteful government spending,' he told reporters in February 2007. 'I see that as responding to the needs these people said they had.'
    Citizens Against Government Waste, a nonprofit group that watches taxpayer money, calls Clyburn 'hostile' toward taxpayers because of what is termed an extravagant use of public money.
    'Mr. Clyburn is notorious for questionable earmarks,' said Leslie Paige, a spokeswoman for the group.
    The group once named Clyburn as its Porker of the Month because he set aside $3 million in a military spending bill for the First Tee nonprofit agency. First Tee operates a program at a Columbia golf course named for the congressman. Clyburn defended the money on the House floor, saying the money would benefit military families.
    This year's budget includes at least four earmarks that could benefit people close to Clyburn.
    The veteran lawmaker helped secure $784,000 for the planning and design of the International African-American Museum in Charleston. Clyburn's nephew, Derrick Ballard, is one of the lead architects on that project.
    Similarly, in 2005, Clyburn earmarked $145,500 for a community center to be designed by Ballard.
    He also set aside $229,000 in this year's budget to the Charles R. Drew Wellness Center in Columbia a facility he helped construct with a 2003 earmark of $990,000. His daughter, Angela, is the marketing and membership director there.
    He got $282,000 appropriated for The South Sumter Resource Center, where his sister-in- law, Gwendolyn, is housing coordinator for the center's community development division. He's secured $670,000 for the resource center in past budgets.
    Clyburn earmarks may benefit friends and family in Sumter Clyburn

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    Senior Member Gerry Clinchy's Avatar
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    Aug 2007


    Amazingly, even NY's governor wants to turn down stimulus money. The NY Times didn't treat the six governors who want to turn down the $ very kindly, yet in a separate op-ed they are supporting the balancing of the NYS budget. Interesting twist, I thought.
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    Feb 2006


    Jindall's a hack with presidential aspirations (as is the SC governor). He'll sacrifice his state to appeal to right wing national voters. But if another hurricane comes, he'll be the first to come to the public assistance trough.

    I don't understand it when states as poor as Louisiana turn down federal funds!! So turn down funds Jindall and keep your state in its stellar economic condition.

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    Senior Member K G's Avatar
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    southeast us


    Quote Originally Posted by M Remington View Post
    Jindall's a hack with presidential aspirations (as is the SC governor). He'll sacrifice his state to appeal to right wing national voters. But if another hurricane comes, he'll be the first to come to the public assistance trough.
    Let me make sure I understand....you're equating the after-effect needs of a natural disaster/hurricane to a stimulus package that portends to create a man-made disaster....

    I don't understand it when states as poor as Louisiana turn down federal funds!! So turn down funds Jindall and keep your state in its stellar economic condition.
    Especially since BHO in essence is telling all those with their hands out to just keep them out, we're on our way to fill them.....

    Charity begins in Washington regards,

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    Senior Member Bob Gutermuth's Avatar
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    Transchoptankia, DEMOCRATIC Peoples Republic of Maryland


    A smart Gov would turn down these funds. Federal money has always meant federal control and there has been far too much of that in the last 45 yrs.
    Bob Gutermuth
    Canvasback Chesapeakes

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    Senior Member Uncle Bill's Avatar
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    What small amount of that pork package I was able to examine, Sodak got enough for a total of 30 projects...8 for Rapid City, the rest to that linguini-spined mayor of Sioux Falls. That said, all the 'projects' appear to be shovel ready for the roads and bridges.

    I don't fault our governor for accepting that amount. We'll all be paying for it anyway. Besides, our legislature is so cowed by possible federal $$$, they reach for their ankles whenever they have to make a regulation to get more road funds.

    Sounds like we'll be increasing our sales tax, however. Once these various welfare programs get OK'd, they can't be cut, even if the state is sinking into the toilet. Not that Sodak is, like the left coast, but it points out the constant arguement of when these programs are developed, they will never end.

    Can you guess what will happen when all the cigarette smokers finally shrug? Who will be paying for all those rip-offs? It just amazes me how a faction of our population is bastardized the way smokers are, and they continue to pay through the nose for all those crap programs.

    It's incredible how so-called sane folks will allow their freedoms to be legislated away. There are so many examples, and the sheeple just keep shuffling up to the slaughtering houses. Soylant Green anyone?

    When the one you love becomes a memory, that memory becomes a treasure.

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    Senior Member Goose's Avatar
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    Oct 2003
    McKinney, Texas


    I wouldn't take money from this Stalinist regime either.

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    Senior Member YardleyLabs's Avatar
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    Dec 2006
    Yardley, PA


    Quote Originally Posted by Goose View Post
    I wouldn't take money from this Stalinist regime either.
    That description makes as much sense as calling Bush Hitler and the GOP the Nazi Party of America. When this administration begins to mimic Stalin you will know it because all Republicans and conservatives will be sent to join UB in South Dakota pending "reeducation". They will be joined shortly afterward by almost all liberals who are likely to be viewed as an even greater threat.

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    Senior Member tpaschal30's Avatar
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    Salisbury, MD


    They are not Stalinist, just western European Socialists. Spreading mediocrity worldwide!

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