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Thread: FC Fox C Take It To The Bank

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    Default FC Fox C Take It To The Bank

    Hey guys,

    Is there any straws Avaliable?? I don't want to breed a dog with him, I was just curious if there will be any puppys from him in the Future? I'm not looking for one any time soon. I'm just trying to do my homework. I know he has not been tested for EIC and CNM but are his pups turning out Clear???

    are there any pictures of him? How are his pups turning out? Do they Mature fast? Are they Vocal at all??

    Thanks Chas
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    Theres been a lot of threads on this guy- do a search and see what you can find. I think consistantly,he threw good lookers at any rate.
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    Buck has sired pups that have tested EIC affected and he was bred to at least one CNM carrier and never produced myopathy. If there is a straw left, it is held by the Cundari's and she said it isn't good quality but she might have sold it with the last straw.

    Nancy P

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    I have a 3 y.o. female by him (out of a Hilltop's Hayseed female). She is a very quiet, very fast dog, with tons of desire. Not sure about the EIC and CNM.
    The last I heard, a person on here, "oaklandbay", had bought all remaining straws.

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    Erins Edge is right on EIC and CNM for Buck. Buck was a really nice dog and from the pups I saw he threw really muscular, good looking pups. Even his females were really built.

    Fred & Monie Cundari have a gorgeous yellow male named Brett (Buck son) that is QAA, EIC clear and CNM clear and he is being used for stud.
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