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Thread: NY Times: The Economy

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    Default NY Times: The Economy

    The NY Times seems to indicate that the stimulus plan will not work out as optimistically anticipated.
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    I didn't read the article, but I guess they must have some real heavy weight thinkers on staff over there.

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    Of course the reason, according to the story, is that the economy is shrinking much faster than was indicated in earlier estimates for the fourth quarter of last year, raising questions about how quickly any plan can achieve an improvement.

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    The irony in the Times or any other newspaper writing about the Congress Recovery Act Program (C.R.A.P.), is the biggest publications are often the biggest supporters of the Dems causes. Will newspapers be next in the payoff, uh I mean bailout? Three major daily papers have folded in the last month. The internet is killing the daily paper. I wouldn't be surprised if they don't become Nationalized too.
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    If the NYT folded I would celebrate the loss of another loudmouth liberal organ.
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    The Sunday edition of the New York Times now cost more than a share of its stock.


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