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Thread: Difference in Young Dog Trainers

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ken Guthrie View Post
    Justice hearts Jim.....
    Ken you are a butt-head. Nate C mentioned Jim specifically. But, I do admire his skill and ability. I've heard equally as good things about Bruce Curtis. And, our old friend Greg Bartlett was really good with young dogs.
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    I use an experienced young dog trainer that doesn't run trials and then switch to an experienced all age trainer that runs trials. Neither have an assistant and both are outstanding at reading dogs so the transition is smooth. They are on the same wavelength and train about the same way. I'm very happy with doing it this way.
    Nancy P

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    This was an epic thread!
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    Most of the young dogs at Jim Van Engens,now get their basics from Craig Crook(very talented) or Jim's brother Brian.

    Al Arthur, does not train the young dogs at Sandhill Kennel, they were with Mike Ough until he went to K2.
    Now most are trained by Jason Baker (Baker Retievers). If you are lucky, Hugh Arthur, might work with your dog if he's not fishing or coon hunting with his grandson.
    Jason Bakers record speaks for itself, if you want a pro to teach you and your dog, IMHO Jason is the Man. Jason, is the hardest working trainer I have ever been fortunate
    enough to be around. If you live in the southeast and want to spend time with your dog in training you won't regret putting your dog on Jason's truck. That is if you can get
    your dog on his truck?

    My 2 cents
    Gregg Leonard

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