Dear Mr. Johnson,
Just sayin.......... I have been the victim of ID Theft in the past and have very good reasons for not posting my name for public access, just sayin..........

You clearly still don't get it. There is a huge difference between combat related injuries and non combat related illness and injuries seen by the VA. I have injuries that fall in both catagories, I know the difference.

As a Site Manager after retiring from the military my operation was selected as the 2005 VFW Employer of the Year. My operation which grew from 100 employees to 400 employees was 93% Veteran of which over 35% were Disabled Veterans. My passion for caring for my Soldiers did not stop when I left active duty, I never left one on the battlefield and feel the same level of commitment to this day. I can assure you though that not all employeers share my compassion. Can you imagine and employer faced with high health costs who did not share my compassion who had a choice between a healthy 20 year old and a battle wounded 20 year old? Also what about the "pre-existing medical condition" provision so common in health care policies?

No amount of ink or electrons will convince you otherwise so I am out of this discussion, I have dogs to train.

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1. I was merely pointing out that this is a program that has been around for a long time though apparently not for the VA.

2. This isn't talking (either me or the proposed program) about Combat Injury or Injury or Disease related distinction. If a member presents himself for care, he's cared for if he or she is eligible for care. The issue is a payment and then the only issue is whether the retiree has insurance. If s/he doesn't, they wad the bill up and toss it out. It's not like they come and get your car or house

3. The concept of "healthcare for life" was decided in the Supreme Court about 10 years ago. The recruiters lied. I'm not happy about that but the case is closed.

4. For those who say, the rates will go up. Balderdash! I would say to you that the reasons the rates are what they are is that the insurance firms have been getting a free ride. For those who say the rates will go up for the rest of us, who do you think is paying for the VA?

I have service-connected health problems that are both chronic and sometimes severe. I'm also a retiree out of the medical service. In short, I see both sides of the coin. To me it's not a big deal. It's just not. Compared to the other issues confronting the country, I just can't get worked up about this one because the troops and their dependents are going to be cared for and that's all that matters to me at this point.

As for my values Mr. Windy Creek, I at least have the courage to sign my posts. Just sayin'