Riding in the truck?
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Thread: Riding in the truck?

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    Senior Member Chris Rosier's Avatar
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    Default Riding in the truck?

    I've got an 11 week old BLF. Everything's going great, doing a couple of 5 minute sessions a day. Just throwing a canvas dummy 3 or 4 times, a little sit, here, and mainly just trying to develop the bond. Introduced her to water last week and she loves it. She's also doing great with crate training and has had very few accidents in the house.

    My question is this, I'm a contractor and I've been taking her with me when I go check on jobs we've got going and when I go to the gym and things like that. She's been riding in the front of the truck and then when we get where were going I'll put her in the crate in the back of the truck while I'm away from it. She's been doing great with this. Not that I'm in any big hurry to have her ride in the crate, but when and under what circumstances should I introduce her to riding in the back? (in the crate, of course) I dont want to just throw her in it and take off down the highway when she's been used to riding in the front. How do yall approach this?

    I may be overthinking this thing but I want her to have good "crate manners". One thing that drives me damn crazy is hearing a dog in a crate or box whine and bark. I want to make sure I get this part right so I dont make her dislike the crate because right now she loves it and she never whines or yaps in it.

    Thanks in advance, Chris

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    she should be fine it is kinda like anything else you do. you do it in moderation maverick didnt like riding in the back (with out crate) at first but what i did was first i started with a leash attached to a tie down and went to the gas station. he barked a little but eventually he relized it was fun. its like the crate just put the dog in it for short trips see how it goes. and work for longer and longer rides and times. see how that works if it doesnt then i am out of ideas. the dog isnt most of the time barking or whining about being in the crate its is more of it is new and there are lots of loud noises. and it bothers or scares them. so try it see how it goes im sure someone else on here has other suggestions that is just mine.
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    I alway have the dogs ride in the kennel. Its safer, my wife on the other hand would let the older dog ridde in the front seat. She was stoped at a light and was rear ended. The dog went flying into the window. Cracked the from windshield and she was a ok other then that. but they were lucky. Dogs ride kenneled now.

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    Kenneled is the only way to go. The small chance of falling out or getting a bug in the eye is just not worth it.
    Tom Dorroh
    Boston, GA

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