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Thread: NFC Eagle Ridge Rocket Sam

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    Default NFC Eagle Ridge Rocket Sam

    I'd like to know about this guy. What did he produce? Temperement wise/ health wise.
    Any negatives to report- please do not post publicly. Thanks.
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    I have an 8 year old BLF by NFC Rocket and out of a 2xNAFC Lean Mac x NAFC Hattie McBunn dam, Eagle Ridge Triple Threat.

    She showed a lot of promise as a youngster. I had her hips xrayed at 14 months and one looked fair to mild so, I pulled her from training and made her one of my gundogs after I had her spayed.

    No vocal issues, very calm, wonderful huntress and great in the house. She sleeps on the liviing room sofa at night.

    By the way, I saw Rocket several times at trials with Danny and Rocket was one handsome Lab!
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