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Thread: Go Gayturds GDG

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    So i get called a dumbass and part of the problem (dont blame me i voted for mccain) when that photo is clearly photoshopped which is all i said. You can't photoshop a video. you can certainly edit a video but photoshop doesn't do that (technically)

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    Quote Originally Posted by firehouselabs View Post
    Ummm, there REALLY IS a snipe season...no bags needed, but there is a bag limit! And yes, I do know what the other type of snipe hunting is.

    I bet you know wrestling isn't real too, huh??!!
    Stan b & Elvis

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jacob Hawkes View Post

    Yes, it truly does suck, to be, a florida gayturd.

    Thats what happens when you speak ebonics 90% of the time. It becomes habit!

    Shaking my head,

    "SR Isabel's Going for gold"
    "Kallie's Anatomy Of Grey"

    Both lazy house pets untill you ask, "do you want to go play"!

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