Just for fun - Who's the best dog in each series?
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Thread: Just for fun - Who's the best dog in each series?

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    Default Just for fun - Who's the best dog in each series?

    Just curious what people think about which dog(s) you've seen that have impressed you for each series individually. Purely subjective, of course.

    For me:

    Land Marks - AFC Echo
    Land Blind - FC Turbo
    Water Blind - FC Rainy
    Water Marks - NAFC FC Roxie
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    Pretty hard question to answer, the best dogs I have seen are at the top of the heap in all four series consistently. On the other hand my old training buddy had a dog who was the best land marker and land blind dog I ever saw. He was unbelievably good, but he was a terrible swimmer who rarely made past the waterblind.

    Another exception to my rule was another buddy's FC-AFC, double header winner, was a mediocre marker on land. He only made it past the first series 15-20% of the time, but when he did, watch out! He ran very good blinds and nobody could touch him in the forth series, the harder the water marks the more he stood out.

    But like I said, in my experience, the best dogs I've seen, Carbon, Shooter, Auggie, Ammo were consistently good in all four series. A few years ago, EE's computer had me running behind Ammo all season. My dog was running well that year, so I got to the forth series a lot. Standing in the holding blind watching Bill and Ammo was a treat. What impressed me was Ammo's consistency from series to series, she never let up.

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