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Thread: Lab pup with splayed front legs?

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    Default Lab pup with splayed front legs?

    My buddy just picked up his seven week old lab and her front legs are noticeably splayed at maybe a 30 degree angle. The condition appears even more dramatic when she's standing on hardwood floors. She is pretty chubby… Probably overfed for her age. Her head in particular is undersized for her body size. I wonder if if her musculature and bone structure have not developed at the same pace as her overall body weight and the leg splaying is a symptom of that.

    The well respected breeder he got her from said that one of her siblings "never got up" after birth and had to be euthanized. I also wondered if that was code for swimmers syndrome, a condition in which the front legs are so dramatically splayed that the pup can't get up off her feet and breathe well enough to survive. I wonder if this pup suffered from the same condition but managed to survive. Anyway, any insights are much appreciated.

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    Do you have a photo? I've seen some pretty chubby Lab puppies that don't have splayed legs, it does sound suspicious that something else is going on.
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    Could it be Dwarfism? Yes a photo would be helpful.

    Swimmers don't have to be euthanized. You can hobble them for a few days and get them on their feet with no ill effects.


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    I'm not quite sure what you mean either I have a young dog who's front feet went east and west when he was a pup. he is a year old now and they are nice and straight. I would say give it a little time.
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