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Thread: PETA article

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    Default PETA article

    I don't know how much we can trust this source. I cannot find anything proving or disproving this on Snopes, but if this is not true, I appologize for posting it. I cannot find anything to disprove this, but my googling sucks.
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    I had heard this a couple years ago that they do this. Amazing!

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    ive heard it before but not sure where so can't say that it was true or false but does make sense. They have a one generation and out rule remember. What good does it do to save animals.

    Kind of like the HSUS testifying to euthanize 150 pitbulls that the Best Friends animal shelter agreed to take and rehabilitate at no cost to anyone except the donors. They don't care about animal welfare no matter what they say.

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    PETA has been euthanizing animals for years. In 2007, they killed 1,815 pets while finding homes for only 18. It was either 2007 or 2008 that PETA employees were convicted of tossing animal remains into dumpsters illegally. These being animals they adopted from shelters under the guise that they would be found homes. PETA believes that animals are better of dead than under the ownership of humans.

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