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Thread: Dear moderators

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    Default Dear moderators

    Could we have a sticky that has the links to OFA, CERF, Univ MN for EIC, Alfort for CNM, Optigen for PRA, RD/OSD and whoever does the DM test for Chessies? There has been a number of people that do not seem to be able to find out how, when, and where to test for these. It would be nice if people would not be able to reply so as to not "muddy" the list (but could pm you guys if there is new tests to add).
    Just wondering if that would help out and limit the chance for wrong information.

    According to this BMI chart, I am too short !!!

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    Already one on top for EIC. Folks still have to read.

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    If we would put a Sticky for all of the important information that is available via a search on RTF, there would be no room on the first page of the forum for any other threads!!

    Asking questions about various tests doesn't "muddy" the forum. Yes, some of us that have been on RTF for years have seen those questions/threads many times over. I'm sure many "old-timers" don't even open those threads much any more.

    I understand that you are making the suggestions to make life easier for newbies. However, doing a search will garner them much more information than just a listing of references. It's part of doing your research in buying/owning/breeding/training your retriever.
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