John Rich, "Shutting Detroit Down" video
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Thread: John Rich, "Shutting Detroit Down" video

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    Default John Rich, "Shutting Detroit Down" video

    Some of you may have heard or seen this song before in other forms but now he's released the "message" video. I think it's powerful stuff and it gets me mad, makes me want to cry at the same time.
    The link is from Glenn Beck's site
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    Dude, that was a....well that was sad.
    makes me mad too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Martin View Post
    Dude, that was a....well that was sad.
    makes me mad too.
    That looks like the world I have been living in since 2001 in Telecom, and watching friends in the Airlines industry get laid off as well.

    If "Wall-Street" is so smart, why have things been ran the past 15 plus years backwards to the teachings in business schools such as Harvard within these large corporations that are shrinking? (Disclaimer: There are a few good leaders in a few select Corporations such as the one I work for.)

    Hopefully I can make a positive difference after all of my Grad school is complete. I have been taking advantage of my companies tuition reimbusement for the past few years since they have only been laying people off rather than giving promotions since 2000.
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