Congradulations must go out to The Little Rock School District For getting the word that they are now desegragated. I think.....

There has been millions of dollars spent and made on this desegration plot by our very own Federal Government. The laywers are the winners for the money they made and The Government can pat themselves on the back to another fine job their long reaching tenacles have made. The losers are the kids. See they wanted all schools to be, for the layman, 50-50. Im speaking racially. They said is was because schools way out there, small schools, were not getting as much federal funding as the big schools were. And some schools were doing better with grades.... the small schools.... go figure. Why coudln't they disperse some of the money the big schools received to the smaller ones, but that is to simple and does not make news.

Now we have kids that board buses at six, yes a.m., to drive 10-20 miles to another school when there is a school 2 blocks form their home. Then they don't get home sometimes until 7:30, yes p.m. Grades have gone down and dropouts have increased. Don't blaime them. That's 13 hours a day they have to go to school. No time to play, and run, ride bikes or just be kids.

Here is a great example of the fine leadership we have at one of our public schools.
I have a client who is an AP teacher of science and math. She and the four other AP teachers found out about a grant from Exxon/Mobil for science and math that was 75,000. Dang it boy. So for 18 months they worked tirelessly wiht the students on projects, (energy, robitics..scienc and math stuff) to get the grant. They WON! The school was notified and all ws good. Until the other teachers, English, history and the such, cried foul! They said that was not fair...true, there is no ferris wheel on school campus..sorry! So The admistration informed Exxon/Mobil that they were not going to be able to accept the grant.
Exxon/Mobil came and talked with the administration, probably to see what kind of crack heads would turn down 75,000 dollars. Anyway, deal was struck and the school would get the money. Yeah! Not so fast. They, The administration decides to go back on their word after the money was received and only GIVE THE KIDS WHO HAD THE LOWEST GRADES IN THE AP CLASSES 100 DOLLARS A PIECE. Now there are about 65 students in these courses so they get 6,500 dollars for math and science.. What happened to the rest...lunch tabels and new paint on the parking lot!

Total Crap. My client did inform me today that she won the Stephens award and will be getting 5,000 for her class. They cna't touch that!

Here's how it works in my world. I own a small business wtih 5 employees. They have a quota thta they have to meet each week and they are paid a commision on that quota. If they go over, they get extra commision. They can make all the money they want to, they jsut have to work for it!
Heck, I don't even take away form the one who makes the most to give it the one that has least...Is that still ok?

Robin Hood was Still a theif!