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You are so right on...there is no infrastructure for a viable third party,so we can be libertarians and independants, but the candidates will still be republicans and democrats. neither side wants a third party because that would free up many deadlocks and their stranglehold on power...the only viable change could be accomplished in two words ...TERM LIMITS
We all oppose fragments of most party's platform. I'll give you some examples: I don't believe drugs are victimless (meaning they only affect the taker) but the libertarians have that as a major part of their platform. From an enforcement standpoint I believe prostitution should be legalized, properly regulated & heavily taxed, so that would put me at odds with the Christian right. While I do not believe in Abortion on demand, there are circumstances where I believe it acceptable. I strongly believe in giving someone a hand up but not a handout so that would make me not a liberal. I believe that old folks had their opportunity, if they did not make the most of it, there should not be an entire government industry set up to care for those who did not care for themselves. I guess that would make me not compassionate, especially with someone else's money.

& we could go on - the examples are only to show we all think differently so are hard to categorize.

Term Limits will probably not happen, remember UB's post about the Sheep, the Wolves & the Sheepdogs, he failed to mention the Coyotes as they are the ones that create the problems, as they are more numerous & melded into the fabric of our society. Bernie Madoff was a Coyote. Your local politician that's trying to tell you what is best for you is more than likely a Coyote. There are a limited number of effective Sheepdogs.

There is a very simple way to create Term Limits. File a referendum/initiative that does not allow time served in elective office to count toward retirement & allows no retirement to be earned while in elective office. They would leave office voluntarily.