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Thread: Dirtbag of the day

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    Quote Originally Posted by BrianW View Post
    According to Google, this Kuby is a "host" for an AirAmerica show so think that makes it pretty obvious where his politcal leanings are.
    And from his website http://www.kubylaw.com/
    The Law Office of Ronald L. Kuby has represented some of the most reviled and revered people in some of the most high-profile criminal and civil rights actions in the United States.

    Attorneys in this office have represented individuals accused of bombing the World Trade Center; Colin Ferguson, the Long Island Railroad gunman; renowned photographer Spencer Tunick; the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club; prominent labor unions; accused airplane hijackers; The All-Mighty Latin King and Queen Nation; Malcolm X’s daughter, charged with conspiracy to murder Minister Louis Farrakahn; Jesse Friedman, whose story is featured in the acclaimed film Capturing the Friedmans; David Hampton, whose life story formed the inspiration for John Guare’s Six Degrees of Separation; dozens of conscientious objectors; plaintiffs in two United States Supreme Court cases establishing First Amendment protection for flag-burning; several wrongfully convicted inmates.

    If this douche bag is appointed as Abdiwali Abdiqadir Muse's liar, I mean lawyer, you can rest assured that no amount of taxpayer's dollars will be spared in discovery, depositions, psychiatric exams, expert witnesses, etc and research for case studies of international law, as well a basic defense theme of assertions/allegations that this Somali is some kind of victim of America's brutal racist and globalist exploitational policies of the Third World. After all this is the same guy whose office’s commitment to "social justice" led to one of the highest jury awards in New York State history: An historic $43 million jury verdict against Bernard Hugo Goetz, the notorious subway gunman who gunned down four young Black men in 1984.

    Like I sadi he hates America becsue we are BAD.
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    Corey Burke

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    My prediction: The "international community" led by such figures as Hugo Chavez and the Castro's will put intense pressure upon the State Dept. over this case in "the spirit of a new American relationship with the Third World after the past 8 years".
    AG Holder (who represented the FARC terrorists), after negotiations w/ Harold Koh, will announce a deal that results only in time served for a plea bargain of "unlawful detention" of Capt. Phillips.

    While awaiting terms of the deal to be worked out, Muse's legal team will arrange a movie deal w/ Michael Moore, in which he will be portrayed by Jamie Foxx and Sean Penn will play Capt. Phillips. Upon his release, he will go on Oprah's show where she will announce that she is having a house built for the family. After that, Keith Olbermann will have Muse on "Countdown", where Janeanne Garafolo, will explain to him that this case was about racism, pure and simple, and the white power SEAL team snipers
    (with even larger limbic brains than most rednecks) only shot his buddies because they hate a black man in the White House and wanted to embarass Obama.
    Muse will then join the cast of "24".
    "It's not that government is inherently stupid, although that's a debatable question."
    Rand Paul CPAC speech 2011

    I would rather be exposed to the inconveniences attending too much liberty than to those attending too small a degree of it. Thomas Jefferson to Archibald Stuart, 1791
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    As a lawyer, all I can say is:

    Lawyer is in a theater watching a movie. The guy sitting behind him starts massaging the laywer's shoulders. The lawyer lurches forward and yells, "What do you think you're doing?" The guy behind says, "Well, I'm a masseur and you seemed tense, so I just thought I'd give you a shoulder massage to relax you while we're sitting here." Lawyer says, "I didn't ask you to do that and I don't want you to. Heck, I'm a lawyer. You don't see me screwing the guy in front of me, do you?"
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    How convenient that Somalia has no government, no record keeping and no way to prove the little dirtbag's age. He's really probably about 26, not 16 as his mama claims. If, in fact, she really is his mama. It's probably a good thing Somalia doesn't have schools or we'd be having the media force feed us sob stories like, "He was an honor student, he was a good church going boy and aspiring rapper"

    So what if he's skinny and little; if he's 16 I'm 29. No doubt he's stunted and scrawny from huffing jenkem and chewing qat but it wouldn't make him balding by the ripe old age of 16.

    Pirate Suspect Sobs in Court: 'I Have No Money'
    Judge Rules Abduwali Muse Can Be Tried as an Adult
    April 21, 2009

    The surviving Somali pirate suspect from the attack on the U.S. flagged merchant ship Maersk Alabama sobbed in a Manhattan courtroom today where a judge determined that he will be tried as an adult. There is still some confusion over the actual age of Abdulwali Muse, whose mother claims he is 16 years old, but whom the government believes to be older.

    Abduwali Muse faces piracy charges for his involvement in the Maersk hijacking.

    Muse appeared in a federal magistrate court in a navy blue prison uniform, standing barely 5'4" with his left hand wrapped in a white bandage where he was injured in the attack on the Maersk. At one point, Muse sobbed audibly, covered his face with his hand and was soothed by his court-appointed attorney. When the judge informed Muse of his right to a court appointed lawyer he said "I understand, I have no money."

    Defense attorneys Deidre von Dorum and Philip Weinstein said that they had not yet established whether their client Muse was himself a hostage of other pirates and that if he were that it would change the circumstances, perhaps making him eligible for wartime conventions.
    His hand was bandaged where he was stabbed fighting with the Maersk crew trying to seize the ship. The poor thing was a victim, because he was a hostage, you see. Pirates that capture hostages always allow them to play soulja and brandish assault weapons.

    "We believe he will be exonerated," von Dornum said.

    "He's scared" said Weinstein, who added that his client had been blindfolded during his some of his time in custody, shackled and that "he'd never been out of Somalia".
    What they meant was, he'd never been CAUGHT out of Somalia before. What a shame, I'm sure the poor thing was sobbing as he contemplated the prospect of U.S. prison: a cot with bedding, cable TV, 3 squares, air conditioning, free medical care and all the down low sex he wants. Those were tears of joy---Muse will be living better than anyone in Somalia without ever again facing the hazards of the open sea in a rowboat.

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    I still think it's a crock of ____ that we paid for him and a HUGE escort of people to bring him to the US, and we are going to house him, clothe him, feed him, and spend valuable court time prosecuting and defending him...

    and should he be charged and sent to prison or life (which is the penalty for piracy), then our taxes will fund him for life... if we let him go, then the pirates know there are no real consequences for piracy...

    furthermore, if he goes to jail, his standard of living will improve dramatically, so he'll be happy. AND the Left will use this as a human/civil rights case...

    Either way, I see this as a Lose-Lose situation for the US.

    We should have just killed them all when we had the chance.
    Legacy 6

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    I cannot wait to see how much this admin will bend over for Bin Ladin if he is captured. Persoanlly I hope HE gets shot trying to excape
    Bob Gutermuth
    Canvasback Chesapeakes

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    Bob, Bubba and Bill...,

    Don't be messin' with Ted.

    Jess sayin'

    One cannot reason someone out of something they were not reasoned into. - Jonathan Swift

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