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Thread: At the Line

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    In a field trial when at the line is it acceptable for the dog to move their front legs at all, or are they expected to stay firmly planted to the ground just like their rear end! My dog will lift his legs up and down in excitement when he sees the birds thrown. Some times he crouches down. He doesn't leave heel or move his butt from sit. Just wondering??

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    Nope, I've seen dogs do a lot worse than that at field trials. It's nice to have a perfectly steady field trial dog, but pretty rare. Personally I like seeing dogs who are animated and excited about his job.

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    Lotto used to dance with his front feet when the marks were know that if he was dancing he was marking. But when he planted them solidly on the ground he was going to break. It was just something we noticed as his "tell" and it never failed.We didn't run field trials with him just hunt tests and we were delighted when we saw him doing his pitter-patter dance! by the way he was a totall different dog hunting. very quiet and very steady.I guess he just loved the "game" so much!
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