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Sir with respect, you are apparently receiving your information on Canada from the same ignoramus who briefed Ms. Napolitano. We might have a population of 150,000 persons of Pakistani heritage of whom 50% may well be males, however, these folks are registered citizens or immigrants.

As for your last sentence; just come have a visit and find out for yourself, you'll find us pretty civilized.
I'm not saying that all bad things are going on up there... I'm saying that WE don't hear too much about what your guys' situation IS up there... and yes, the 150,000 was an exaguration, but come on... I refuse to believe that of the thousands of expired "visas" you guys have on the missing Pakistani males are all just citizens and immigrants...

Listen, we have our own problems with expired visas, so don't think I'm preaching to you... I'm jsut saying there is a problem, and we need to get a fix on it, on BOTH sides of the border.

Fair enough?