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Thread: Lyle Steinman Class Act!

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    Default Lyle Steinman Class Act!

    What a great eulogy at Steve's funeral today. I would like to personally thank Lyle for
    communicating the thoughts of the retriever community to those in the audience that
    did not know or understand the bond we share with one another. I'm sure they feel and
    share it with us after today. Those of us that shared our thoughts on this very board
    were represented by a great ambassador today as he read many of the quotes and stories that were posted here in the last few days. If you see Lyle in your travels, don't
    forget to say "Thanks".

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    Good job Lyle ...

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    Thumbs up

    It was great and a lot of feelings and respect was shown by Lyle.
    Thanks from all of us who knew Steve.
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    Job well done Lyle.
    Thanks for taking the time out of your busy schedule to so eloquently represent the retriever community during this sad time of great loss

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    I would have expected no less from Lyle. I met him and trained with him last summer when he was here in Ohio. Great guy!
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