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Thread: Poor sitting

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    Default Poor sitting

    I'm having trouble with one of the pups. When she sits a heel she splawls her back legs out almost flat. Look at the middle dog in my avatar. How do you correct this behavior I'm at wits end? If I walk her to the line and she see's activity before her run she doesn't do it as bad, it's only during training.

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    Senior Member Jill Simmons's Avatar
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    I have a puppy who will do a lazy sit during obedience ,and stick out his back paw. Once his hip prelims came back "good", and we got through our first CD leg, I started calling him front through two baby gates on the lowest/shortest setting, using a clicker. When he had to sit between the gates, he sat square. It helped alot. Plumber's tape works too. Also calling front, and then taking a quick step back and calling front again, helps bc it keeps them ready to move. Unlike when he was a puppy, he only gets acknowledged now for precise sits. The problem has nearly disappeared.
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    You can work on lazy sitting while working on heeling. When ever you stop walking, the dog should sit. Make them sit square and proper. If they flop over on their hip, tap that side with the heeling stick until they sit properly. The dog should eventually come to realize that a lazy sit will be corrected.

    Lazy sits are basically bad habits. Start the habit of making them sit properly... each and every time.
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    My dog was doing that too. Haven't noticed it since I started correcting it. I did what Jill said, made her come forward a bit and sit again. I also tapped her leg with my foot, gently stepped on the foot that stuck out to get her to pull it back in, etc.

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    Senior Member metalone67's Avatar
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    She doesn't flop on one or the other hip.Both back legs are to the outside as if she was laying her belly flat on the ground.

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    my dog does that too.

    I'm working on it by stepping on her toes when she sits at heel. It seems to make her want to tuck them in. Good luck, I know I'll need it too.

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    Senior Member Juli H's Avatar
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    IT could be a growing phase for her....she is not lazy sitting, but pushing her legs back, with her knees pressed away from her body, it looks like...For some reason it is more comfortable for her to sit that way.

    Have you had her hips xrayed?

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    That is soooo awesome the way she sits! I don't know if it's politically correct, but my blf sits that way. I think it's soo awesome I would never correct it.

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    Senior Member Georgia Smith's Avatar
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    I am no expert but from my experience, patience and consistency is the way to go. Every time she sits incorrectly, place your hand under her and left her into place. You may have to repeat and repeat before you get her to sit properly and hold that position. Praise her when she does it right. It is becoming a habit, just like humans slouch in a chair instead of sitting upright. It is becoming more comfortable for her to slouch than to sit with her haunches under her.

    Make this extra step part of your OB work.
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    i used a heeling stick to straighten my pup out-- then later I just stepped on the outset leg-not hard- he got the message quick--

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