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Thread: Now....on to the second tier appointments

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    Default Now....on to the second tier appointments

    President Obama's choice for the government's No. 2 housing job is embroiled in the largest fine in U.S. history for "blatant violations" of open records laws after the Washington State Supreme Court chastised his office for withholding documents detailing taxpayer costs for a new professional football stadium in Seattle.

    The documents that Ronald Sims' office was found to have kept from the public when he served as King County executive included information about cheaper alternatives to the $430 million Seattle Seahawks stadium, which was built in 2002, according to a Washington Times review of the court records.

    Washington's highest court ruled in January that the withheld documents would have allowed voters in a referendum to challenge "the veracity" of King County's request for $300 million in public bonds for the project. The justices found the actions of Mr. Sims' office to be so "egregious" that they scrapped a lower court's order of a $123,780 fine - the largest ever assessed in a public records case - and recommended that the penalty be increased to as much as $825,000.


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    Ron Simms and King County also recently settled a case regarding the release of info following the 2004 election.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TCFarmer View Post
    Ron Simms and King County also recently settled a case regarding the release of info following the 2004 election.
    No, The taxpayers of King County were stiffed by CE Sims for his arrogance, no shortage of calories in his stuffed shirt. The taxpayers paid the fine.

    & in a related incident, Gil Kerlikowske, Seattle's former Police Chief is the new Drug Czar. Hard to figure that one out, but I'm sure the cops are happy, he was Mr Milquetoast when dealing with lawbreakers. Certainly did nothing to alleviate the druggies in Seattle.

    Neither of these turkeys was noted for their management ability, Sims being so bad that in a statewide election he finished dead last among the D's. But they don't call Seattle San Francisco North in a complimentary fashion around here.

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