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Thread: BB blinds and sight blinds

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    Default BB blinds and sight blinds

    I was recently told that I should start doing bird boy blinds and sight blinds at a recent training session with some friends. I was briefly explained about what each of these were, but I don't completely understand them. Can someone explain to me what the distance/criteria should be when training on these? For instance, what distance would be a good starting distance and completion distance for bb blinds? How tight of a line should the dog carry to the blind? Should I handle on the blind or call back and resend? What should the distance be between blinds? On sight blinds, what distance, how tight of a line, and should I use new locations for the sight blinds or can I use the same blind point but a different starting point.

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    BB Blinds- I seen this done at a Evan Graham Seminar last year that our club hosted. I got my money worth on this one drill alone. It really builds confidences in the dog. And that is what you need to have a good blind running dog.

    Before you bring your dog to the line. Have your assitiant plant a white bumper 30 yds in front of the line and walk about 10 steps (angling back) away from the bumper and just stand there. Bring your dog to the line and run the blind. Handle to the blind, but dont worry about lines in the drill at the start. The lines will get straighter has the drill contiues. When the dog picks up the bumper your assitiant needs to plant another white bumper at his/her feet and walk the same direction another 10 steps. Make this done when the dog is on his return to the handler and he does not see the bumper planted. Run the blind. Keep doing this and when the dog start getting the hang of it and is running with alot of momtineum. Then start planting orange bumpers. When I do this drill my assitiant might end up at 150 yds or more. Just watch you dog and the temp. these days because they will get hot fast.

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    Hope this helps. Maybe Evan will get go here and explain it better. Good Luck !!
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    Its a momentum/confidence drill, so trying to force a tight line is counterproductive. As long as the dog is rolling along in the general direction, let him roll. Once he looks like he's headed the wrong way, handle.

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