Haven't gotten to the HC stuff yet but find this issue informative as always, maybe a little bit more so. I'm going to give a brief synopsis:

A reader writes that he will not panic on the SS issue until Barney Fag says it is solved.

From The Week - a synopsis of a synopsis

The press still idolizes Obama person.

A discussion of "Tea Party's" which the left can not understand.

How the Clean Air Act has been subverted to accomodate Global Warming.

How the O person's administration is leaning to the least amount of hurt toward their stronger constituencies, the unions.

How the O person's administration is resisting early repayment of TARP funds. Don't want to lose the crisis!

How the review of expenditures & subsequent cutting of $100 mil is the equivalent of the O person leaving 1 word out of all the speeches he has given to date.

How there is now backtracking on military commissions - what a rookie! But he belongs to all you lefty's.

Another Gaffe by Joe Biden, the Foreign Policy expert.

How we may really have a problem with SS with nobody paying in to FDR's Ponzi scheme.

How the new cabinet is seriously challenged on other than paying taxes.

John Edwards, Card Check, stupid prosecutions, disclosing covert agents.

If Charles Hurley is confirmed as head of NHTSA we'll all be driving 55.

Expletives on the airwaves, where's Richard Pryor when we need him?

Iran test our resolve, it's only going to get worse.

The apologist Obama, Jimmy Carter, Durban II, Asian Values, dissidents, forced tobacco use, all Government's mishandling of Muslim demands, sex strikes, Miss Cali, Obama @ ND, Tinker Bell - AKA the Flying Chihuaha, people who don't like our country but do like our way of life.

I F Stone, a lefty Icon, who really was a commy spy chronicled in Spies - the Rise & Fall of the KGB in America, more Sarah Palin crap from the left & Susan Boyle.

Obama's year Zero, After Souter, Tortured Position, Specter, the turncoat.

& lastly, but not so, Quarterback Jack - think how much better the R's would be without the 2 Bush presidency's.