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Thread: Hey Bootey

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    Default Hey Bootey

    Hey Franco. I keep hearing ads about a performance tax that is going to affect radio. What do you know about it?
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    Quote Originally Posted by badbullgator View Post
    Hey Franco. I keep hearing ads about a performance tax that is going to affect radio. What do you know about it?
    I'll post a link.

    The National Assc of Broadcasters last week played the race card in trying to stop it. They said an increase of the "performance tax" would place a tough burden on the minority owned stations and Radio One which is minority owned toted Jesse Jackson along to the hearing. If the FCC buys into that arguement, then they are just as dumb as everyone else on the hill.


    I think it will get passed as the Obomonites are looking for anyway they can nationalize the news media and broadcasters. They would love to put us out of business and control broadcast content. They are using a two pronged attack, raising royalities paid to recording artist from .02 cents per song to .09 cents per song and breaking up the larger broadcast groups and turn them over to minorites under the guise of "diversity".

    They already have NBC in thier pocket. Jeff Zucker, NBC's Pres & CEO is now an advisor to Obomo and Obomo is going to throw NBC's parent company General Electric a bunch of multi-billion dollard green projects.

    If they get their 7 cent increase per song, it will cost each radio station an additional $150,000. per year. Not bad for say a station in market #22 like Tampa but, that extra money coming from a station in DeFuniack Springs would send them to the poor house. Al Sharpton is trying to get minority stations exempt form paying increased royalities.
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    So Franco, there is one in the wood pile?
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