HSUS using bully tactics?
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Thread: HSUS using bully tactics?

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    Default HSUS using bully tactics?

    I received this email from PetPac this morning.

    "Today the ABC Atlanta news story exposing the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) questionable fundraising practices became even more controversial when the station contacted PetPAC demanding we take down the transcript of the story.

    "The story appeared on Channel 2 in Atlanta over a week ago and soon after HSUS apparently initiated a campaign to cover up the story from being told.

    "The video of the news story was mysteriously taken down from the stationís archives and You Tube, most likely the result of HSUS demands.

    "Why the cover up? The investigative report exposed how HSUS raises hundreds of millions of dollars but contributes virtually nothing to help support local animal shelters as their solicitations often seem to imply.

    "Hereís a transcript of the news story sent to us by a member. We believe the United States Constitution guarantees our freedom of political speech to send this to you.

    "The power of an organization which raises hundreds of millions of dollars like HSUS is immense. If they are trying to cover up this story, we simply would like to know why. We look forward to hearing their side of the story, but to date they have not issued a denial of the investigative report exposing their suspect fundraising practices.

    "We will continue to keep you informed."


    Bill Hemby


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    Thanks for sharing the info. I and others will look more critically at the national HS of our respective countries.

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    Senior Member Paula Richard's Avatar
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    It sure sounds like Bully Tactics to me. Another scum bag organization pulling on people's heart strings to bring in millions.

    Thanks for the info.


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    HSUS may learn that it would have been better to sit quietly and take their lumps.

    First of all, any court case by HSUS against the station would likely have had a very short life. The case of NYT v. Sullivan settled the question of the burden of proof need to succeed against a media outlet. It boils down to malice. The TV station could have been completely wrong and would be protected unless HSUS could prove actual malice. The case would likely have been dismisssed with a summary judgement.

    Meanwhile, the video is nearing a life of its own. Sites with copies are popping up all over the internet and the numbers of d/l are rapidly growing. My favorite site is:


    It's a video sharing site in Iran. Doubt that HSUS has much sway over there.


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