OFA Offers DNA Tests
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Thread: OFA Offers DNA Tests

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    Default OFA Offers DNA Tests

    OFA, cooperating with Univ of MO, Columbia, is acting as the "retailer" of some DNA tests that are now available for various breeds:

    Among the tests offered is the DM test for CBRs. They are also publishing statistics for DM testing.

    Worth a look.
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    I did three of my Standard Poodles (that are intact) and all came back without the genes attributed to DM. However, for those considering these tests it is good to read and understand the ratings. Your dog can carry the pair of suspected genes associated with DM but not be affected until later in life (some not at all since they may expire from other health issues before DM is evident) since it is considered "generally" to be an "older" dog disease.

    The definitive proof of your dog having DM it is an analysis of a spine sample, which is done post mortem.

    Regardless, this is yet one more test that we consider important to breeders to consider as part of their program.
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