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Your right, W was saddled by 2 wars, one unnecessary of his own choosing, the other we had a presence in but was hardly a full scale war because Bush was too pre-occupied with Iraq to worry about the telaban. They surficed as an excuse not to do anything when Korea did their nucular testing. Now we really are saddled with 2 wars, the one in Afganistan which should have been a priority for the last 8 years is now becoming the priority it deserves to crush the talaban, and of course he is trying to get is out of Iraq where we should have never been. What do you propose we do against Korea? Do you want us to go in and do a precision air strike against their nucular development hq, or maybe try and take out their prime minister? Are you prepared for a 3rd war at this time. Sounds like you believe we should react swiftly and forcefully and then think about the consequences later. What the He!!, some of you right wingers just want to blow hot air with little regard for the consequences. Bud

Yep, Israel really doesn't matter.
So let all the nut jobs have nukes in that area.
Example: "the Obama" is going to let Iran develope the Nuke bomb.
He is holding Israel back.

I am stateing right now that when "Ahmanutjob" drops the nuke in the middle of Israel and 6,000,000 jews are wiped out all you Obama supporters will act like you are shocked and surprised!!

Mark it down, if Iran & Korea continue to go the direction they are GOING you better get ready.
Because you are going to find out what HELL is.
(hell=tough times)
If nukes start getting dropped on the oil fields and ports, we get no oil!!

I wonder sometimes how many of the posters here have ever been in a combat situation?
(since some know so much about how it all works, goes the NY Times said so)
I wonder if the posters (some) who care so much about Al-Queda & the Taliban et al ever think about Israel?
A staunch allie that "the Obama" is spitting on now.

Think it through to the end.
The world does not operate in 30 sound bites.
It goes on and on.