Voter intimidation is ok now??
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Thread: Voter intimidation is ok now??

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    Default Voter intimidation is ok now??

    Seems highly racial at the worst and highly political at the best. Folks, we need to pay attention before our freedoms are lost even further.

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    You could take a poll right now on this BB and you would find, to your dismay, the same crowd that is sycophantic for the BHO administration, find nothing wrong with that DOJ disgrace. They could care less for your freedoms. They don't give a FRA about what this nation or their own grandkids will be put through. They are only into vengance...America be damned.

    Good luck on getting anything or anybody to hold the line. Your freedoms are eroding by the second, and you are helpless to change that. Sooooo how do you like the hope and change so far?

    When the one you love becomes a memory, that memory becomes a treasure.

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