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Thread: Dog Box Company

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    Default Dog Box Company

    While I do not want to start a thread bashing dog box companies I would like to know what company you like and why. I'm in the market for a box and while I've narrowed the search down to a couple of companies I'll have to order it and will not be able to visit the company and see exactly what I'm getting. If you have any comments on the various options, storage, fans, insulation etc I'd appreciate that too. Once again is a certain option(s) worth the extra expense as it works well etc.

    Now I tell you that I'm planning on a single box and I have seen other posts where folks say go for a double box so you'll have it for your "second dog". I don't see a second dog in my future so I'll save that money for some other dog training equipment.

    Lastly let me give you my minimum requirements as one company could excell in a particular area. Must be able to handle 90+ degree heat, low maintenance, handle a labrador that I expect end up in the 80 pound range and it will be used in an open bed pick up truck.


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    When your current dog is close to retiring you don't think you'll get a second dog?

    Do you have friends you hunt with that also have a dog?

    I don't have one, but a 2-dog box just seems so much more versatile.
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    I understand your pain in a way. I bought a used trailer made by a manufacturer in Alabama. I am sure they would be the best ones to fix some minor problems I am having, but that is a long haul from Texas. I don't know where you are, but if I was going to buy a new box, I would probably go see the folks at Cline Line in Weatherford, Texas. I have seen several of his boxes and I believe they are as good as any and better than most. The quality of the hardware and insulation alone are very impressive. My second choice would probably be Ainley. There are other good box makers, but with almost all of them, I have seen some duds. I have never seen an Ainley or Cline Line that I thought was less than first class, although there may be exceptions to that as well.
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    I dont have one but have friends that have these and they seem very pleased with them
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    I feel these are the best out there. I have used one and they're great.

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    We got a Mountaintop 2 dog box for our Tacoma pickup. We discussed over the phone and online our requirements. This box was completely custom made for this particular truck, the guys had to go out to a dealership and take measurements from one on the lot! Our first sight of it was when we went to pick it up, (on time!) after about a 7 hour drive. It was a perfect fit and the finish and execution were very, very good. I could probably nit pick about a few things, but I am really very good at that! The guys were great to deal with and always very responsive to our calls or questions.

    Now that the dogs have over 10,000 miles of traveling in it, from the upper teens to the '90's, wind, rain, HURRICANE (!) snow etc, we would not ever make another decision.

    As far as "must have" options, first is a good fan, and a good storage drawer. I do not find the water tank a practical option as I can keep more and fresher water by just refilling plastic jugs.

    We got a two dog because we could not aniticipate ever needing a third. Now I wish I had that option, does't matter anyway because when #3 comes along we will need a bigger truck! You WILL use the extra hole of a 2-dog model, even if only for storage.

    Good luck!
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    I just went through the process of having a 4 hole customer topper made for me by the folks at Ainley. I absolutely love my topper and the qualty is unbeatable in my book.

    I started the process by getting initial quotes from the big names and provided each with a Viso drawing of what I was looking for. One company never called me back or answered my emails; another kept trying to sell me a basic 4 hole topper and/or a used one they wanted to move that didn't meet my needs, but Ainley replied back with their basic topper info and then what it would cost to tack on everything else I was looking for.

    My initial sketch changed but it was due to the polite input from Chad at Ainley and his expert advice, not the rude comments made by another company.

    Before they started building they went over every detail with me, even sending me pictures of other boxes which explained things I just could not picture in my head. Once construction began about half way through Chad was kind enough to shoot me a few pictures so I would have a feel for how the box was coming along.

    When I went to pick up my topper I recieved a tour of Ainley and a walk through for their building process, not to mention we were able to get some training in while they did the install with Ron. We had to keep him out of Jane's way! HA!

    Anyway, I live in CO, they are in IA - not exactlly my back yard. The long distance thing can be tough, but you are only getting a single box made....should be a snap!

    Ainley's quality is top notch and one thing I really like is when researching which manufacture to go with I looked at a lot of other people's rigs so I could get an idea of what I wanted....well Ainley has upgrade several features over the years, this tells me they are constantly looking for ways to improve their product - things like the handles on the doors, light switches, the lights on the rig, etc, etc....

    I enjoyed my experience dealing with ainley and recommend them without hesitation:

    Also I made a recommendation to them based on my usage of my topper. In response they sent me the additional hardware to make the slight modification, but not only did they send me the pieces, they sent the pop-rivets and the correct drill bit....that is the type of customer service I like - they listen to constructive feedback and then make it right!

    Good luck in your search.

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    I have one from Boss Game Systems and I love it. They will work with you to customize it any way you want (number of holes, fans, metal doors vs fiberglass doors, built in ice chest, etc)

    My box is in the top and bottom pics on the link above.

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    I got an old aluminum one with what looks like a prison door on the front. I love it. Got it on craigslist. It has aircraft rivets. If ANYONE has one you want to get rid of, please, please PM me. I have been continually looking for another one for a long time now.

    I had one that was a two hole but, at the last minute the guy decided not to sell it......ugg.....$150 was a bargain.

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