Don't know how true this is
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Thread: Don't know how true this is

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    Default Don't know how true this is

    I received this from a Navy buddy. If true, I can see #3 being important, but 1 and 2?
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    This one is for you Veterans. I have never heard of this before, but I thought it was important enough to pass along here.

    "I had a doctors appointment at the local VA clinic yesterday and found something very interesting I would like to pass along.. While going through triage before seeing the doctor, I was asked at the end of the exam, three questions.

    (1. Did I feel stressed?)
    (2. Did I feel threatened?)
    (3. Did I feel like doing harm to someone?)

    The nurse then informed me, if I had answered yes to any of the questions, I would have
    lost my concealed carry permit as it would have gone into my medical records and the VA would have reported it to Homeland Security.

    I am a Viet Nam vet and 15 year cc permit holder. Looks like they are going after us vets.

    Be forewarned and be aware. The Obama administration has gone on record as considering
    veterans and gun owners as potential terrorists. If you are a veteran, you've been warned.
    If you know veterans, please pass this on to them.

    ************************************************** ***************
    Tom Dorroh
    Boston, GA

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    I wish I had a dollar for every email I have received making similar political claims and requesting that I forward it to all my friends. I would be a wealthy man.

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