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Thread: More change we can believe in

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    Default More change we can believe in

    I just can't understand why trying to screw U.S. companies with more taxes isn't stimulating the economy. At least we're doing away with "Corporate Welfare" and replacing it with payments to the "less fortunate" and plenty of "green jobs".
    Matt McKenzie

    "Thinking is the hardest work there is, which is probably the reason why so few engage in it." Henry Ford

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    Our once great nation is bankrupt after decades of foolish spending and entitlement programs. Dear Leader has the printing press working overtime.

    Taxing the productive has always been much easier than cutting spending and waste. It's a gutless approach and our children and grandchildren will suffer tremendously.

    Just look at California and New York as examples of runaway state spending. California is bankrupt and will be bailed out by you and me because democrats in that great state have spent it to hell and don't want to curb spending. Dear Leader should tell California to drop dead but he won't because he's a cowardly politician and needs the votes.

    So Dear Leader sends Tax-Cheat Timmy to China to try to convince the ChiComs that our country is solvent and we always pay our bills. The Chinese laughed in his face. What a joke.

    It's every man for himself.

    We live in Cuba now.

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    This seems to be just one more example of how politicians don't think through the long-term effects of their actions.

    Just think ... they want everyone to have health care & new tax law will limit the amount that companies can deduct for such an expense. Duh?
    "Know in your heart that all things are possible. We couldn't conceive of a miracle if none ever happened." -Libby Fudim

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    Any fool can throw money at a problem.

    However, it takes brains and leadership to find an alternative solution!
    ""President Trump was a chaos candidate and apparently intends to be a chaos president. Stability, it would seem, is out the window. The White House will lie without hesitation when it serves its perceived interest." The American Conservative

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