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Thread: ID Youth Waterfowl Hunt

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    Default ID Youth Waterfowl Hunt

    Hey All,
    Magnum & I participated in this last year up in Clark Fork and had a BLAST helping the kids as well as getting some early season practice. I hope you'll consider helping pass on our heritage as well as helping conserve game by hunting with a trained dog!! Thanks in advance for reading this. Brian

    Hi, my name is Ray Millard and I serve as a volunteer coordinator with the Idaho Fish & Game Department for the Youth Waterfowl Hunt held in September each year. The event will be advertised in the Nichol's Worth and area newspapers which we anticipate will take place on September 26th this year. There will be three locations for the event this year, one each in Coeur d'Alene, Clark Fork and Bonners Ferry, Idaho. We host about 25 youth at each site. The event takes place on a Saturday from approximately 5:00 AM until 12:00 PM and includes lunch for the participants and demonstrations on duck calling, cooking and preparation of the bird. Last year we had a dog handler with his retriever that suggested we contact your group to see if your members had any interest in joining with us to promote waterfowl hunting among area youth. You would have the opportunity to join us "in the blind" for actual retrieval action as well as a demonstration and brief talk after lunch. I would enjoy hearing from you if you have further interest or if we can make more information available to your members. As a dog lover myself, I think the youth would enjoy having your members be a part of the actual hunt and to provide information on what your group is all about. This is a wonderful opportunity to influence youth in outdoors activities and provide information. Several of the youth come from single parent families of from families that are non-hunters, so this is an event to benefit inexperienced waterfowl hunters. Please contact me at 208-264-5252 or by email for more information

    Regards, Ray Millard
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