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Thread: Qualified.....sort of....

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    Senior Member Kevin WI's Avatar
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    Default Qualified.....sort of....

    My golden "Storm", got his 5th Master pass and did pass his first 5 out of 7 this year to take care of one requirement for Master National. Still needs one more for his MH though, but we have to wait a few weeks before another test is available to run anywhere near here (6 hrs).
    More than likely we won't go to MN as it's smack dab in the middle of prime hunting season and I enjoy hunting more than running tests, but it's sorta cool to say it!

    The working for and training with Wayne C. & the Amateur Group down in GA this winter really paid off. Wouldn't have traded a minute of it.
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    Congratulations! Looks like a nice fluffy!

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    Senior Member Chris Atkinson's Avatar
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    Way to go! I agree that he's a great looking dog!

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    Congrats, Kevin. I know how proud you are, and how much work it took. Good job!
    Brian Skibicki, Richmond Hill Georgia (South Bryan County)

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    Senior Member Diane Brunelle's Avatar
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    Congratulations! What a HUGE accomplishment! He's a very handsome boy!

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    Senior Member Sharon Potter's Avatar
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    Way cool, Kevin. All that hard work is paying off....you deserve the success. Congrats!
    Sharon Potter


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