Shipping Container Security - any thoughts?
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Thread: Shipping Container Security - any thoughts?

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    Default Shipping Container Security - any thoughts?

    I am gonna be buying an 8'x20' shipping container to use for a storage facility at my duck hunting place. Storage containers are a dime a dozen, but my main thing is trying to get one that has the best security. My place is out in Outlaw County.

    Alot of them will have a welded lock-box, with a hockey puck style lock that can only be accessed from below, hence making them safe from bolt cutters. The problem is the locking rods are exposed so someone could cut through them or even try to pull the doors off with a backhoe.

    Mobile Mini has a unit that has internal solid locking bars, along with a padlock pocket and lever lock.

    Anyone have any experience with these things, with respect to security issues?

    I know it's kind of random but any thoughts would be appreciated.

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    I've got a 40' that I used during construction of my cabin. When the cabin was completed I built a 30' wide shelter over the container. With the container in the middle and painted to match the cabin. Its been wired with lights and recepticles. I cut out the back wall and had doors cut that matched the open end and added a 3/0 steel door for entrance. "L" brackets were welded to the front and rear doors and a 2 x 10 is placed in the brackets. The container is the most secure thing I own. It would take a backhoe or a torch to get in it.

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