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Thread: cat food vs. dog food

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    Default cat food vs. dog food

    I was having a discussion lately and topic of cat food eaten by dogs came up. From what I could recall, there are reasons why it isn't a good idea for dogs to eat cat food.... thought it was b/c of fat and/or proetein levels being too high for dogs. I'm sure there are other factors?

    Anyway, can someone enlighten me on the relevant issues?

    Also, for discussion purposes - I googled and found a pic of the ingredient label for a cat food that is a 30/20 food. Assuming you were planning to feed a 30/20 'dog' food, what makes this 30/20 'cat' food undesireable (or unsafe?) for dogs?

    edit: here is the link
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    Has to do with the amount of Ash, plus other nutrients and fiber. It's not all about the fat/protein. I do know of a breeder that puts his pups on cat food at the age of 6wks to "fatten" them up. The rest of the time his buys and feeds junk. The pups do look fat and sassy when the buyers come around to pick their pups.

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    I believe it's to do with the fat that can cause pancreatitis.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RemsBPJasper View Post
    I believe it's to do with the fat that can cause pancreatitis.
    It also has to do with the kidneys as the higher protein percentage increases the urea/uric acid levels considerably. Some cat foods are around 40% protein while even premium, higher protein dog foods are usually less than 28% protein.

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