I didn’t have a clue that the Nat. Am. was being held in northern MN until I returned from vacation today. Life has been really hectic lately and I haven’t been following things as close as I have in the past.

We were on our way up walleye fishing and pulled into our hotel that was loaded up with dog trailers in Eveleth, MN. I see all kinds of white shirts and dogs out being aired.

Trooper was wound pretty tight after our long drive, and he got a bit vocal. I apologized to one man that Trooper got way to vocal at. If you are reading this, I hope we didn’t screw your dogs up. After our run down the gravel road behind the hotel he was much better.

I wish I would have known who was who but a very nice gentleman opened the door for Trooper and I and than a younger man asked if I was at the trial. When I said “no” he did give me a “Well, that’s a nice dog you got there”. I also got the old “Wow, that’s a big guy.” from more than one person.

It made me feel good that even some of these FC’c and AFC’s have to be told “HERE” more than once some times and Trooper sat when he was told every time.

All I have to say is for one evening at least Trooper and I ran with some of the big dawgs (well not really but I can dream) even if it was just behind a hotel.