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Thread: Cap and Trade Tax Vote Coming Up

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    Quote Originally Posted by Uncle Bill View Post
    Rapid City had a coal gasification plant in the 70's that proved it was quite doable. It was shut down and we lost most of those that were employed in that project, primarily because it wasn't financially feasible at that time.

    My wife and I had developed some close friendships with those folks, and we were sorry to see it shut down.

    With that technology on the back burner, however, it wouldn't take long for it to be revived quickly. It just won't happen with the current crop of environmental crazies we have running the nation today.

    The sad truth is, in today's environment and with today's technologies, we can make all drilling, mining, cutting, and self sufficiency easily realistic, if we didn't have the socialists constantly screaming all their negativisms.

    It's just criminal how easily the libs can convince the sheeple that we conservatives encourage dirty water, and dirty air. If this current Algore bill that just passed the Congress gets through the Senate, and the costs start hitting them in THEIR pocketbooks, it might start sinking in they've been hoodwinked. I don't really believe that, but hellsbells, a guy can dream...for the sake of his children.

    I saw ethanol plants in Western OK pop up and colapse in that same time. Opec opened the tap when they saw the competition coming online. I just listened to Trump a few days ago, and he said there was plenty of oil, and the USA citizens are dumb not to break up OPEC. I think he is right, the OPEC price fixing should be broken up by force.
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    The numbers are about RED states!!!

    Call your've got a voice...USE IT!!!

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    Has something else happened after this?

    Pressure’s on: Senate Dems put cap-and-tax on ice

    By Michelle Malkin • July 9, 2009 01:16 PM
    Evidence that the global warming zealots are feeling the heat: The Senate Democrats have decided to delay action on cap-and-tax until after the August recess.
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    Quote Originally Posted by K G View Post
    Folks, if you were EVER going to send an email or make a phone call to your US Senator, NOW is the time to do it. If this passes, our economy will be PERMANENTLY screwed beyond words....even a mid-term change to a Republican majority will do little to lessen its impact unless they could engineer a repeal....


    DANG right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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