I appreciate the toning down of the un-civil comments.

Let me suggest that you think about this for a minute. Imagine that there were officials watching every post that you make. Imagine that if you post stuff too outlandish, you join a "hot list" of folks to keep an eye on. You know, "Big Brother".

I stay off the POTUS board, because frankly, the subject matter some of you love, I don't care for. On occasion one of the regular combatants will complain to me about one of their opponents hitting a hot button. (that frankly surprises me. When my two boys are goofing off and slapping each other and then one of them comes to me that his opponent hurt him, I tend to suggest that he avoid this kind of play if he doesn't like the consequences)

Recently a close friend has indicated to me that some information has been posted here that could be considered as sensitive. Please watch it. Please be accountable for every word that you post on RTF. I do not want to see RTF harmed as a resource and obviously I cannot afford to get caught up in any of these arguments.

Thanks, And remember, there's a retriever discussion board on here too... RTF was not originally established to be a political jousting grounds. If the majority of your posting on RTF is on POTUS, and not on the main RTF, ....well, let's just leave it that RTF was created to be a lot of things to a lot of people...but political jousting grounds would be right about the very bottom of the list.